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. more rain and snow is on the way for your christmas tie, i am tracking it for you coming up. and one bullet hit a baby stroller during a church service in east oakland. volunteers are getting sent to prepare thousands of meals for those in need in san francisco, we will have more on how many meals they expect to serve coming up this evening. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us this tuesday morning december 25th, i am pam cook. >> i lake your sweater by the way. let's go to rosemary orozco, she is in for steve paulson. >> i hate to be the bearer of bad news, a few sprinkles are falling over parts of the north bay with a storm coming in later in the afternoon.
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you can see storm tracker 2, it is widespread over the northern edge of california and will continue to shift south. in and around santa rosa, fog a few scattered showers as well as the ones at the park. here is tara moriarty with traffic. this is 880 at the coliseum, traffic is looking good this christmas day, not too many folks on the roadway. this is the coliseum, not too many folks, same story, let's go back to the desk. the california storm, conservation is sandbagging in east palo alto. janine de la vega is down there again this morning to show us the repairs being made before the rain comes in again today,
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good morning janine de la vega. >> reporter: you can see the ground is actually still wet even though it did rain overnight but authorities are trying to protect the homes that are up against the creek. this is video from the concert vague crew -- conservation crews trying to protect the homes. the levee over flooded and caused a mandatory evacuation of several homes. you can see it is up on daphne way where there was bad water damage. this family was taking it all in stride. >> as long as we have something to eat, we cool, you hear me? >> city council say the emergency office came out to
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figure out how to temporarily fix the levee. the emergency work should hold up and permanent solution will not happen until next year. reporting live from east palo alto ktvu channel 2 morning news. and we have the other concern, the soil is saturated from all of the rain we received and today's rain may be too much to handle. amelia there are tosses of trees and this one fell over and the dam may spillover causing more mudslides. in parts of pinehurst road, the area was blocked by a mudslide. crews spend the day cleaning up the roadway from the mud that was pushed onto the road. dangerous tornadoes in the southeastern part of the united
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states. it is in the forecast from east texas to north florida. vain expected throughout oklahoma anarch saw and blizzard warning is also warned in kentucky. you can receive weather alerts by signing up for mobile ktvu channel 2 morning news. two people were arrested after their church service was interrupted by gunfire. it happened on 82nd avenue. a 17-year-old and 40-year-old woman was shot. a bullet was found in a baby stroller. those people were rushed to the hospital. it happened on silver creek road. the woman was pronounced dead at the hospital. the other involved a man who
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was treated for minor injuries but the cause of that crash is still under investigation. thousands are expected this morning at a christmas breakfast in san francisco. reporter alex savage is where the neediest are celebrating the holidays, good morning. >> reporter: yes, they expect to serve up some 5,000 meals and these are folks who would not be able to get a meal anywhere else. they have the carving stations and volunteers will be arriving in mascara offing up -- mass carving up the meet and then serving. this is a christmas tradition to give those in need a place to come for the holidays. >> to be honest we are family
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to those we serve so they are part of our family and we are a part of theirs. so it is a big deal for those who don't have places to go, they can come here and spend time with us and it is a lot of fun. >> the representative tells me many of the volunteers will begin arriving just after 6:00 to stop preparing those meals and they will start getting those meals prepared and breakfast served, that will be hadn't and they will do a christmas -- will be ham and they will do a christmas carol. it is all right here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are making sure they can still enjoy the holidays and many volunteers will help
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the salvation army deliver warm wheels. 4300 warm meals will be packaged and brought to seniors living alone. this delivery program is nearly a half century hold and volunteers began working with this program 20 years ago. local transit agencies such as bart muni and cal trans, businesses are closed along with parks and offices. >> 5:07, we are moving right along, kids are getting up and it is such an exciting morning. >> we do have traffic to talk about in marin county especially, tara? this is a two car crash due
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to a wrong way driver. we understand it is alcohol- related and happened in novato northbound at the dumps. chp said it was head-on with minor injuries. it was so severe that the wheels came completely off of one car. crews are trying to clear the scene and we will bring you more coming up in the next half hour. traffic is on the right-hand side headed towards downtown oakland and no problems to report. 237 to milpitas, traffic is on the right-hand side bought it doesn't seem -- but it does not seem like anybody is driving. christmas day, mostly dry skies and we are looking at santa rosa, highway 101, talking a few light sprinkles and that possibility in. >> when allan and -- glenn
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allan and it is off areas of bodega bay picking up a few light showers, these are hit or miss, take look, we are outside of our tours right now. the steady rain shifts all the way to golden gate by 1:00 and by 2:00 and 3:00 it is along i- 80 and now you are getting wet if you have someplace to be, grandma's house or your aunt's house this is when it is at its worst. a steady moderate rainfall, falling, scattered showers and we leave in the possibility for scattered showers as well.
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here in the afternoon, 54 santa rosa and your extended forecast is coming up upper 40s around the region and again a few scattered showers and looking mainly -- looking at mainly dry and i will have a look at your storm coming up. president barack obama could return to washington sooner than planned, what he is saying about avoiding the fiscal cliff. and what they are doing to keep escalators in service at bart stations. we have a report in the south bay coming up, we will tell you about that next. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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. welcome back, new this morning, thousands have been left homeless in manila. authorities say a riot broke out after a second fire left 8,000 people homeless. a man was accused of starting the fire but the fire was likely sparked by a burning candle. in south africa, former president nelson mandela has been in the hospital and doctors have no plans to release him any time soon.
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he also has had four surgeries for gaul stones. former president bush has been gaining strength and they are optimistic he will make a full recovery. they are trying to reach a last minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. they rejected house speaker john boehner's plan "b" and they say it will not be reached until they match spending cuts. they will raise taxes on the wealthiest americans. >> we will go over the cliff because it is what the president wants. >> we will present a tax hike on middle-class americans... >> without a deal spending cuts
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will take affect in the new year and economists warn it could lead to a recession and big jump in unemployment. and before the end of the year, right now homeowners do not have to pay tax on a portion of the mortgage short sale or principal reduction, in authority sale, they could soon own income tax on part of what they had to pay. officers are looking for and they say he killed his brother-in-law. he left in an orange truck and he is considered to be armed and dangerous. they are banning together to find an answer to problems
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putting escalators out of service. there are many things that can put escalators out of service, dropped keys and change, during the first week of june, a record 28 escalators were out of service. firefighters in contra costa are getting a new tool to help save lives. we have more on how it detects local hospitals. they are unwrapping all the presents and the botanical guard end, people are enjoying geese, swans answer other birds and families can rent a boat in
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the biggest lake which is stow lake. >> you are new to the area, there is definitely lots to see. unfortunately we have a new accident to talk about in oakland. that is right, 880 is shut down due to this accident, it happened in the northbound direction at the fruit veil exit. this is north of where the an happened and didn't a quite a bit of debris. at the toll plaza, traffic is flowing nicely and once you get to san francisco 101 traffic is looking good. #2 free meter -- free metered parking if you need to get to downtown this morning. good morning, after a brief reprieve take a look at storm tracker 2, northern california,
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i am picking up returns and this may become a steady rain. if we look to the east, we have some light rain a possibility, glenn allan over sonoma, all reporting a few sprinkles perhaps allel way -- all the way to the end of us. with these gray skies we are not as cold in some areas. oakland 46, 39 in livermore, still a very chilly start, 40 in calistoga. we are also reporting a little bit of fog this morning. outdoors it may not be the best commute but later today it will be even worse.
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isolated storms gusts of wind up to 20 - 30 miles per hour on the coastline and stronger storms a possibility and widespread showers are in the forecast. this is not as moist. we'll see rain from an inch to a half inch into the coast and santa cruz mountains, a half inch is for the south bay. mainly dry but the rain will come in about noontime as it lasts into the second half. we are dry thursday day and the afternoon highs will be in the mid-to-upper 50s, back to you desk. overnight in asia, china shanghai composite was the big winner and put them in positive
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territory for the first time since mid-summer. traders returned to work from a three day celebration. >> they all finished down and closed for christmas and the last few days where the money worked out. it led stores to look to boost their bottom line. they will account for annual sales and some even 50% of their sales for the holidays. they were forced to spend two nights in the cold and were happy at the moment they saw their rescuers. we will tell you how they made
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it out alive. big plans are in the works for angel island, we will tell you how they attracted new visitors.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. that is not snow, it is sand. many people in australia are spending their time at the
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beach. it is around the 70s and it has not stopped people from coming out in their beachwear. and some people came early to say some personal prayers, others came to light candles, one woman proud 17 members of her family to remember what the holidays are about. >> it is not about shopping, it is about the birth of the savior and this is what happens in different cultures and they can understand. >> they feel a sense of being around news cultures. the incident happened near the plaza. campus police say one person fired three shots and the group ran from the scene and some were later caught. police say they also recovered a gun. meanwhile a multi-million dollar plan is in the works to
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improve angel island. they are trying to attract more visiters. the state collaborators will raise money for the projects and the money will be used to better promote features. the three were rescued yesterday after spending two nights on mount hood. they had planned to camp in a hut but the trail had washed out and sell of service was spotty -- cell service was spotty and the members were moved to tears when talking about the moment rescuers found them. >> i really thought we were done, we had no more food, and just one chance to make one call and thank god we got
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through. >> the -- the three spend the night in a make-shift shelter for two nights and rescuers had to turn back earlier. thanks to a grant from fema and measure h from the contra costa health department. they are communicating for more and will be back on january 21st. i understand there were a few accidents this morning? that's right and usually it is related to drinking and driving and hopefully that will not be the case. this is in oakland and we do want to mention a significant alert -- sig alert has been issued, this is a three car crash, and all of the debris
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will need time to be cleared. if you have to use the 880 northbound, you will be sitting in traffic for a little bit and you will have to go around and use high street instead. you can see traffic is looking good in both directions. let's head to rosemary orozco. turning wet for your christmas day and for some of us we have a few sprinkles and picking up print kills -- sprinkles in windsor, into areas of cyprus drove and highway one and as i pick up, there is a winter form warping soming up. following breaking news out of the south bay, we will have
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the latest details coming under -- coming up.
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. welcome back, merry christmas everybody, i am brian flores, dave clark has the morning off. for those of you now watching, there is some last
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minute wrapping. >> yes, and they need to no rain is coming in. >> yesterday, sunny skies, it was cool but it was dry and that's going to change once again. take a look at storm tracker 2, picking up light showers over parts of the north bay and some of this is hitting the ground and we are looking at some light rain. if i shift just a little bit, you can see highway 1 and i'll take a widespread view of what you can expect for christmas. the view will come in later today and i will show you the timeline coming up. good morning, rosemary. a significant alert has been issued due to a three car crash so expect delays. this is a look at toll plaza, and 680 at the sunole grade on the right-hand side, no problems. all right, it is 5:31 let's head back to the desk.
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we have some breaking news to cover a fire in campbell, just south of san jose, at a commercial building. we will bring you pictures and a live report and again this is in campbell. they are suring up a levee as more rain approaches. they put down sand bags along the creek after the creek spilled over and water overflowed the levee prompting mandatory evacuation for several homes. >> they have some areas to create a circle around that area to make sure the water does not see under and they can control and die dirt it if
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needed. they are expected to rebuild the levee. a winter storm warning for the west slope in the sierra goes into effect and snow is expected over the 880 corridor and right now chains are not required for interstate 880 or highway 50 but chains are required on other state routes. a powerful storm is coming to the u.s. dangerous tornadoes are in the forecast from east texas to north florida and freezing rain sleet and snow are expected and blizzard warning is in effect in kentucky. >> ice is very tough. if you don't have any friction at home with aircraft to land, then that is a real problem. >> some flights have already been canceled at the airport in oklahoma. you can get complete weather
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coverage and receive weather alerts for wherever you need it, if you sign up for our mobile a man is in critical condition. the man was crossing broadway just before 5:30 last night when he was hit. witnesses say the driver was involved in some sort of speeding contest. it is a honda civic. they first spotted a stolen vehicle in san leandro. they chased the car on 105th avenue where the car crashed into other vehicles including a police cruiser. the suspected ran from the scene but were later arrested. one suspect had mean injury. they found a man who had been shot last night.
5:36 am
the man was rushed to the hospital for surgery. his condition has not been released. police have not released any information about the shooter or motive. in the meantime people in newtown connecticut are trying to celebrate christmas and it has been witness of one week. coming up, how children spent the holiday. today marks a dark day at the san francisco zoo. a female -- female see betterrian tiger was provoked into leaping out of her enclosure. police had to shoot and kill the tiger. the zoo was sued and they settled lawsuits with the teen and his two friends families. they will take part in a san francisco tradition.
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they will arrive at the identifieding room and allie rasmus is helping out this holiday season. >> reporter: good morning, we are standing outside the kitchen for st. anthony where preparations are already underway because they are serving 4,000 christmas meals to people in need and they will heat up the meals that will be served later on today. tell us what is involved in making all of this happen. >> we at st. anthony have been working for months even though it is one day and we are working to serve particularly families but it is the outpouring and we have 100 volunteers from our church community and from our local football team. >> we saw the volunteers standing out in the pouring
5:38 am
rain collecting hams from the people out in the community, how many did you get? >> we ended up with just over 400 hams. our pledge was to get 500 and we have plenty for the rest of the holiday season and we are so thankful for folks around the bay area who stepped up to help. >> and i understand you have some gets and they will be tone nateing their time. >> exactly. they will be here sending 100 players and coaches and they will be spending the day with st. anthony found station. >> christmas meals will be served starting at 10:00 a.m. this morning. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they left oh dual restaurant 10:00 this morning
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and as of 10:00 last night, they had 10,000 toys but the quality of the toys were high with things like bicycles and other generous gifts. the sig alert is in the east pay. all lanes there are blocked and traffic is being diverted high street. this is an injury accident so we will keep you posted on the conditions of the people involved. also another accident happened on lakeshore avenue and here are the pictures of the crash we have been talking about this morning. a wrong way driver slammed head- on into another car on highway 101 north of san rafael. the chp believes the crash is
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whole related. and last but not least, you can see traffic flowing towards rosemary orozco. i am tracking showers over part of the north bay and the brunt is still in crescent city reporting steady rain and take a look at the north bay, hit or miss around the north bay, some is not hitting the ground but a few showers are possible giving your a view -- giving you a view. we have been watching this for the last 5 to 10 minutes down into other areas at this time. we will shift into san rafael. we have just a few places have steady rain. to know when the worst time to
5:41 am
commute would be i will show you that in a moment. this is a larger look at the compute so it is on the pack of this deck for the second half of your tie and the sierra is beginning to see rain and snow and by 2:00 it is shifting to the bay and in an around the golden gate bridge. down at 3:00 shifting along the peninsular by 5:00 down into the south bay and we are all getting wet, so dinner time we are all wet and breezy at times and during the evening hours it starts at noontime, and we are specialing -- he is expecting -- city officials expect -- we are expecting higher elevations. partly cloudy skies over the weekend but it is shaping up to be okay. back to you. some are not able to use a
5:42 am
video streaming service this christmas. where the problem has detracted, we will explain. firefighters were shot and killed by a gunman who apparently shot and killed them. we have a significant alert and we will tell you more about it coming up.
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. good morning to you and merry christmas. rain can bring up to a quarter inch of rain and breezy conditions this afternoon. time now 5:43 here is a look at some of the top stories we are following. crews are putting down sandbags along a troubled section in
5:45 am
east palo alto after part of a neighborhood behind it flooded. they say this temporary fix should hold until a permanent solution is brought in. shots rang out at a church service in east oakland on 82nd avenue and mcarthur boulevard. a bullet landed in a baby stroller. prest barack obama is coming back to try to avoid the fiscal cliff. the announcement comes after house speaker john boehner's plan "b" was rejected thursday. without a deal, tax increases will take affect in the new year. a man named firefighter of the year was one of the victims killed in the attack yesterday. william sprangeller tried to
5:46 am
lure them. he shot four firefighters yesterday and took his own life. two firefighters died and one of them was a police lieutenant and volunteer firefighter who had been with his town's police for 20 years. mourners turned out last night to remember those who were killed. >> we are strong people, our community is there for everybody. >> two other firefighters were injured and the fire spread to more homes and they will search for more victims today. now they are looking for the people responsible. that shooting happened at 6:00 on 11th avenue near 12th -- east 12th street. the woman was taken to the
5:47 am
hospital where she is listed in critical condition. an apparent shootout between two cars in west oakland happened on west street across from foster school. they heard 30 shots from a man living in the area. take a look at this assault weapon abandoned on the street. after that no arrests have been made. they are trying to find christmas joy in the middle of tragedy. it has been over a week since a gunman took the lives of many children an adults. them newtown say it is still important to celebrate the holiday. >> fortunately we have many kids who are still here and it is all about the kids and being with family. >> last night people gathered
5:48 am
to celebrate christmas eve and the shooting was barely mentioned during the service. today all police officers in newtown will have the day off and police officers from other towns will cover their shifts. about 5400 nurses walked off the job yesterday, christmas eve southern sutter hospitals and two hospitals in san jose. nurses are striking for one day over health benefits, sick pay and staffing levels. >> it is christmas eve, it will show they need to take us back and negotiate our contract. nurses in san jose come back on saturday due to scheduling requirements for replacement nurse. there has been concern over
5:49 am
chevron's plan to rebuild the damaged facility. coming up, why the city of richmond is now backing the oil company's proposal. he was well-known for playing sloppy oscar madison in the odd couple. he worked more than 60 years on television and his family said he died peacefully last night. the 89-year-old died of natural causes at his home in new york city. he is known as a commonly corrupted governor . >> -- he is known--
5:50 am
two cars and a big-rig were moved to another area and i also want to mention another accident on mcarthur boulevard. it is a two car crash and looks like an injury accident as well. another one is at high street involving a couple of cars there and we will let you know how badly this impacts, you can see traffic is moving nicely into san jose and north pound looking food, let's check in with rosemary orozco. a live look at storm tracker 2, it is already showing the new storm approaching the bay area and a few scattered showers picking up areas of the north bay. areas are right around fairfield, cordelia is seeing a
5:51 am
few scattered showers. and in napa, you may have them falling overhead and they will be hit or miss and the steady rain will come into the afternoon. meanwhile areas of san rafael, novato, petaluma down to mill valley, a few light sprinkles, most of us cloudy and the winds will be picking up along with the front with this cloud cover not as cold yesterday morning. 41 for you there, 49 in livermore, widespread low-to- mid 40s are expected as you head outside. hopefully you don't have to head out but if you do that is what you can expect for the next hour. a possibility for thunderstorms could bring hail and lightning and it will be a quick moving
5:52 am
system and an active one. your extended forecast, the rain arrives steady and will not taper off until this evening. scattered showers into tonight and we will remain dry for thursday and friday. we may see a sprinkle -- sprinkle. we will have 30s to 50s in the afternoon and i will show you the latest timeline on the model coming up. the latest net flicks may be called not flicks. net flicks said the problem started last night and they have engineers working on the problem. the wall street journal said it extends and is affecting them
5:53 am
as well. and according to a japanese blogger, the next ipad will hit stores in march. the 5th version of the tablet will be lighter than the i-pad mini and as usual, i hate that. >> all right, 5:52 a warning for people who plan ahead for the slopes. dangers are putting many skiers and snowboarders' lives at risk.
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5:56 am
. well the days after christmas are typically a time when many skiers and snowboarders head to the slopes but there is a strong warning about avalanches. it comes after a snowboarder got caught in an avalanche. steven anderson was buried for five hours and by the time they reached him, it was too late. >> it was very sad. >> it's something i don't like to think about. >> i feel very bad for him and
5:57 am
his family. >> the resort said several people were skiing in the area when the avalanche was triggered. the risk for more avalanches are considerable in the next four hours. another skier is also in critical condition after being caught in an avalanche. they threw a charge to initiate the avalanche and others took cover. one person was buried in the snow and recovered 8 minutes later and taken to the hospital. the area is now closed to the public. the city manager saint letter -- sent a letter to the manager saying they want to repair defective pipes. critics were concerned they would not use the best technology for be inherently
5:58 am
safer and the fire sparked some 15,000. police gave the toys to under private sector rajai davised -- under privileged children and the gifts were donated to the department by dollar tree stores. let's check in with tara moriarty who is covering traffic right now, tara? we have a pretty big accident at 880 northbound and a sig alert was issued earlier and it should be clearing here early. three car accident, if you take a look we can show you the accident. i also want to mention another accident, 580 eastbound, a two car crash and to lanes, it is
5:59 am
to you a to a trash there. 5:57 let's head back to the desk. we are following breaking news of a commercial fire in campbell. we have a news crew to check out the scene. thousands are expected to attend a special christmas breakfast. parts of the area are expecting wind and rain and i will have your holiday forecast coming up.
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